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Future-Proofing Products with Fusion 360

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    In the era of smart, connected, customizable products, the objects we buy should get better over time. How might we design for this? Google's mobile phone Project Ara is one example of a product designed to be modular, customized, and upgraded. Enabling products to change and last is among the best ways to make them more sustainable. Learn how to apply these principles to design future-proof products in Fusion 360 software. Discover how designing for modularity and upgradability dovetails with making products easier to disassemble and repair. Celebrated Fusion 360 software designer Paul Sohi (Denise Schindler prosthetic leg) and sustainable-design maven Dawn Danby (Sustainability Workshop) join forces to bring you this high-energy session. This session features Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn Fusion 360 product design tips from a power user
    • Discover how to design more-sustainable connected devices
    • Learn design approaches for modularity and upgradability
    • Learn straightforward sustainable-design techniques from an expert in the field