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How generative design can make your product more sustainable (and help your company make more money)

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    Are you trying to make more and better products that have less environmental impact on the planet? Are you seeing customer demand for more environmentally friendly products? Do you have sustainability goals you’re trying to meet? We’re here to help! In this session, you’ll learn how to re-design existing products to be more sustainable and also learn about more efficient manufacturing processes that can reduce energy and material use. Starting with a baseline design, you’ll apply generative design and sustainable design principles to improve your design. You’ll also hear about various Autodesk tools that can reduce the amount of material and energy used through the manufacturing process and the product’s full lifecycle. You will realize that sustainability can drive cost reductions while adding a significant competitive advantage to your company.

    Key Learnings

    • Use Autodesk tools to design greener products
    • Apply sustainable design principles to your current designs
    • Connect sustainability to cost reduction and increased efficiency
    • Help your company reach its sustainability goals