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The Future of Fabrication: Software Integration from Advance Steel Through the Shop
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Follow an Advance Steel detailing software project through the process of approval, nesting, ordering, fabrication, and shipping and see how FabSuite manages and distributes information at each step. In the office, FabSuite tracks document approval and revisions to and from AutoCAD software. Nesting system integrations use inventory and computer numerical control (CNC) information to optimize material usage. In the shop, phones or computer tablets with FabSuite's Remote Link provide tracking of both inventory and parts as they are fabricated, assembled, and shipped. Observe the flow of data as FabSuite processes real-time updates from both the office and the shop-and, in turn, provides real-time updates and tracking to Advance Steel.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to import an Advance Steel model with drawings and CNC into FabSuite
  • Learn how to update an Advance Steel model with approval, production, and shipping status and heat traceability from FabSuite
  • Learn how to show real-time fabrication and shipping information in Advance Steel through FabSuite’s Remote Link
  • Understand how nesting software and machines in the shop integrate with FabSuite to improve efficiency and reduce error



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