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Fusion:Javascripting and Data Integration

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    This class will cover scripting in a product lifecycle management (PLM) environment with specific focus on: achieving automation in the workflow by pushing workflow transitions; enabling certain users to push workflow transitions, setting values in workspaces when transitions are pushed; utilizing the dashboard with workflow-based programming; and emails at certain points in the workflow. Workspace automation—spawning related workspaces and setting values in related workspaces on save. We will also cover the basics of data integration in the Fusion environment using Jitterbit. This session features Fusion Lifecycle (PLM 360) and Jitterbit.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use conditional scripts to enable pushing of workflow transitions
    • Learn how to use validation scripts to enable workspaces to be saved
    • Learn how to set values in your current workspace or related workspaces
    • Learn how to set milestones in the dashboard