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Fueling the Future with Generative Design

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    Want to stay ahead of the curve when designing and marketing your sustainable infrastructure services? Generative design will help you move the needle faster with your customers toward cleaner, safer, more reliable sources of energy. We’ll dive into platforms, concepts, and workflows that will help civil and environmental engineers design faster, optimize outcomes earlier to reduce project costs and schedules, deliver more value to their customers, and ultimately make a greater environmental impact. Discover how to rapidly optioneer and optimize to reduce overall design time and rework, as well as manage the complexity of large data sets associated with solar and wind projects. We’ll cover workflows integrating Civil 3D software, InfraWorks software, Dynamo, and Generative Design in Revit software. We’ll familiarize you with geometric concepts for faster graphical and computational power. And we’ll demonstrate how Autodesk Consulting is funneling innovation into practice with various prototypes for sustainable design projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the benefits of generative design on common sustainable infrastructure projects (e.g., solar and wind farms).
    • Discover the challenges of large reference data sets and outputs associated with sustainable projects and methods to mitigate.
    • Learn about the importance of incremental improvements and agile approaches to applying innovative design methodologies to projects.
    • Walk away with ideas and use cases relevant to this industry.