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Form a Superhero Team: How to Connect People to Do Great Things
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How can you create a team of people who will champion technology strategy inside your firm? In this amazing roundtable discussion, we'll explore techniques and ideas to prepare innovative teams within the context of an established company, focusing on how to get your change strategy off the drawing board. Finding like-minded individuals who share your vision is critical, but there are many more important steps when vying for a better process. We'll explore a multitude of strategies from Autodesk software and the real world that have worked in the past, as well as looking at what to avoid. How do you follow through? How do you propose a business case? What staffing do we need? If you are struggling to learn how to adapt your business to the fast-paced, ever-changing climate of technology implementation, then this is the roundtable for you!

Key Learnings

  • Learn to base your strategy around time-tested strategies
  • Discover ways that others have been able to bring about real change to their firms’ processes
  • Form a super group of like-minded passionate people
  • Learn how to create connections with others who are facing the same challenges


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