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Forget Keyframing—Take Real-Time Control of Your Animated Assets with 3ds Max

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    Reacting to client demands with speed and accuracy is why they keep coming back, so don't let last-minute changes to your detailed animations force you to work overtime. Eliminate the hours spent modifying your animations and start controlling and editing their parameters in real time. Whether it's the dynamic components of a complex thrill ride for theme park previsualization, a simple ceiling fan for your next virtual reality walk-through, or the interlocking gears of the clock tower in that dramatic scene in your upcoming game-you're dedicated to making that animated sequence perfect. While few things up the "wow factor" like a properly animated scene, few things kill your budget as quickly as time spent editing and retiming complex keyframed animations. Learn valuable techniques and some tips and tricks in 3ds Max software to create a "virtual remote control" that modifies animated parameters with the click of a button. So, forget about keyframing-take control of your animations and never sweat that deadline again.

    Key Learnings

    • Explore various animation methods, learn alternatives, and discover their drawbacks and benefits
    • Learn how to properly set up, organize, and link your models for optimized animation techniques
    • Learn the benefits of expression controllers and how to generate your animations without using keyframes
    • Learn how to wire your animation parameters and create a custom UI that enables you to control multiple animation parameters with a single click—like using a “virtual remote control”