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Forge Viewer and Model Derivative API—Getting Started Lab

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    The Web world has changed. Now that all the most popular web browsers support WebGL, 3D on the web is a reality. With this Lab, Full Stack web developers who also are 3D enthusiasts  will be able to create interactive web application and also get a head start to VR apps. The Forge Model Derivative API and zero-client Viewer allow developers to create interactive websites for all kinds of different markets where 3D CAD interaction could be added, and also full access to the metadata becomes available. This is a workshop on how to set up a Node.js server and client-side JS code to display and interact with any filename extension 3D model (CAD) using Forge - View and Data API. I will guide attendees through the entire process of building a simple application, including writing a node.js server, use of npm, hosting the web application and interacting with the 3D model by running different viewer JS extensions. This session features Forge.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a dynamic application that works in all updated browsers
    • Understand npm—View and Data API (Unit Test workflow)
    • Identify resources for learning more about the API
    • Learn how to host your 3D CAD website using third-party Web IDE