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Forge Road Map: Fusion 360 on Forge Data

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    Are you working on ways to help automate design and make workflows for you or your customers? Are you trying to share product information between applications such as Fusion Lifecyle software and Fusion 360 software, or those outside the Autodesk ecosystem? Learn about how Forge data is powering a shared product information model to enable your design and make data flow more seamlessly across your workflows, teams, and the applications you use.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about current challenges and solution limitations in the design and manufacturing data space.
    • Get an in-depth view of future perspectives in design and make data management, as well as how Forge data contributes to those patterns.
    • Discover what aspects of the product information model are being rolled out, as well as what's planned for the future.
    • Identify how you might be able to contribute and capitalize on Fusion 360 software’s product information model.