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Forge Data Roadmap: Moving from Files to Cloud Data

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    The industries you work in have evolved dramatically as technology has advanced, as have expectations for more connected and customized products, buildings, and experiences. Moreover, you and your customers’ businesses are pressured to move faster, reduce costs, and eliminate waste. Software has pioneered many of those changes, developing powerful tools for different parts of your workflows. Design, simulation, visualization tools, you name it. But, we’ve created silos for those apps and the data that comes out of them. Working with more complex data collaboratively still remains a pain: latency drags on processes, version control becomes a collaboration nightmare, data noise leads to confusion – the list goes on. Join us for this roadmap session, where we – the Forge Data team – will cover how we’re tackling these challenges so you can work better with data across your apps and teams. Explore how you can use, and contribute to, the cloud data tools and APIs we’re developing.

    Key Learnings

    • Apply the Forge Data tools and APIs today to streamline workflows across your teams and apps
    • Understand what the Forge Data team has been working on and what we’re planning to roll out in the near future
    • Discover where our industries are moving towards in terms of design-to-make data management and collaboration paradigms
    • Learn how you can build on and contribute back to Forge Data