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Fabrication Parts in Revit: The Transition Continues—3 Years in, Where Are We Now?
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In this class, we will discuss using Fabrication Parts in Revit software from Comfort Systems’ point of view. We will discuss the current state, the struggles we have encountered so far, and what we have been able to do with the API to enhance Fabrication Parts in Revit with the 2018 and 2019 release. We will show some proprietary tools we have developed to automate some processes within Revit. We will also show examples of models created using Fabrication Parts, what we can do with the data from these models, and how we are fabricating from them.

Key Learnings

  • Discover how accessing data is easier when utilizing the API for Fabrication Parts in Revit
  • Learn what new functionality is available with the 2019 release of Revit and how it affects Fabrication Parts
  • Learn how to use Dynamo to update parameters within Revit for Schedules
  • Where do we go from here: Looking ahead, beyond tomorrow



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