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Fabrication Parts in Revit: Quickly and Easily Go from Design to Fabrication to Fabrication ESTmep and Beyond

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    In this class, we will explore how to utilize Fabrication Parts in Revit software by taking a Revit project and going through the Design-to-Fabrication workflow. Once this has been reviewed and is complete, we will export out a Fabrication software file from Revit software that we will open up in Fabrication ESTmep software. Once inside of Fabrication ESTmep software, we will review the contents of the project and make any changes required. Then we’ll utilize the new estimating summary options to review the pricing and labor, and we’ll make any adjustments necessary. Once this is complete, we will review our options for sending the .MAJ to Fabrication CAMduct software and Fabrication CADmep software. This session features Revit MEP and Fabrication CADmep.

    Key Learnings

    • Review the Design-to-Fabrication workflow in Revit to go from Revit Project to Fabrication Parts
    • Learn how to export out a Fabrication file that then can be opened in Fabrication ESTmep, Fabrication CADmep, or Fabrication CAMduct
    • Learn how to utilize new Estimating Summary features in Fabrication ESTmep to quickly review project contents and make modifications to price and/or labor on the fly
    • Learn how to take the modified file and review it with Fabrication CADmep; and compare it to the original file and prepare ductwork for fabrication with Fabrication CAMduct