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Exchange That Data—AutoCAD Map 3D to AutoCAD Utility Design and Back

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    This class will discuss and demonstrate the concepts of using AutoCAD Utility Design software's Data Exchange (DX) functionality. Using DX, we can attach to feature data object (FDO) and industry model geographic information system (GIS) data stores to pull as-built data into an AutoCAD Utility Design project to be used as the basis for that design. DX enables us to create mappings between our external data store and the internal AutoCAD Utility Design industry model and this mapping is used when importing and exporting data. During this class we will connect to a job-enabled AutoCAD Map 3D software electric industry model, map its feature classes to our AutoCAD Utility Design feature classes, and import data. We will then edit some of those features, remove some of those features, and create new AutoCAD Utility Design features and export that data back into an AutoCAD Map 3D software job. Finally, we will look at the imported data in AutoCAD Map 3D software.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the AutoCAD Utility Design Data Exchange (DX)
    • Discover how to configure DX mappings
    • Discover how data is imported and validated
    • Discover how data is exported