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Enhance a Generative Design model with Event Simulation in Fusion 360

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    Generative Design (GD) in Fusion 360 creates hundreds of innovative optimized design options within a short period of time. However, there is no free lunch. When it comes to engineering, users need to think about the assumptions and limitations of GD. GD models are often slender which do not behave linearly in real life, material may not be linear elastic over the loading cycle, and the model may need to contact other parts. Event Simulation (Fusion 360) and/or Explicit Dynamics analysis (Inventor Nastran) can help confirm the acceptability of the GD model by including all the nonlinear effects that may be encountered during actual use: nonlinear displacement, plasticity, and contact. This session will cover multiple aspects of creating the GD and performing a simulation with Event Simulation or Explicit Dynamics.

    Key Learnings

    • Create a Generative Design model.
    • Identify designs that are potentially better solutions than others.
    • Analyze the chosen models with Event Simulation.
    • Evaluate the results to identify good features of the design and potential problems.