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Empowering VINCI by Using Autodesk Platform Services for Data Security and Team Productivity

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    VINCI Construction aims for data reliability and security along with enhancing team productivity. VINCI developed an Autodesk Platform Services-powered hub that connects Autodesk tools within a unified and ergonomic web environment. VINCI is still accelerating the harnessing of Autodesk technologies to supply customized tools for internal needs and strategy. First, we will present the new Autodesk Platform Services integration that enables automation using Autodesk Platform Services along with open-source technologies, a perfect combination to achieve VINCI's inclusive digital transformation. Additionally, we will give insights into how these technologies simplify building information modeling (BIM) integration at various organizational levels, fostering on-site collaboration and cross-organizational efficiency. Then, we will present the project ROI and discuss its role in overcoming industry fragmentation and lack of productivity. Finally, we will showcase our data-harnessing approach through our internal hub using Autodesk technologies and cloud platforms.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the challenge behind the integration of tailored cloud-based and ergonomic tools within a company such as VINCI.
    • Learn about the tools ecosystem architecture that VINCI is building around a common internal hub.
    • Learn how to evaluate the relevance of this web development project in addressing the most-important issues in the construction industry.
    • Learn about the importance of collecting and harnessing a site's data to implement risk identification and decision support.