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Dynamo: The Future is Wide Open

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    The Dynamo open-source, visual-programming environment extends the parametric functionality of Revit software and Vasari software, as well as functioning as a stand-alone application. It is accessible to both programmers and non-programmers, and it has the ability to graphically script behavior, define custom function, and insert traditional text-based code. The Dynamo extension is developing at a rate that is much faster than most tools in architecture, engineering, and construction; this class will provide insight from the Development Team into recent additions and new functionality on the horizon.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the recent additions to the Dynamo extension
    • See where the Dynamo extension is going in the near future
    • Access tools that will help extend and customize the Dynamo extension to specific needs
    • Learn how to identify opportunities for design computation in your daily work