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Dynamo for Dummies: An Intro to Dynamo and How It Interacts with Revit

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    Have you ever heard of the Dynamo visual programming language extension in Revit software and wanted to know what it was all about? The Dynamo extension is not just for tower twisters and super-advanced programmers—the Dynamo extension is for every Revit user. The Dynamo extension uses a visual programming language, but it is an easy language to understand. In this lab attendees will get very gradual doses of the Dynamo extension and its programming environment so they gain the skills to make the Dynamo extension work in their everyday workflows with Revit software. No programming experience or complex modeling experience needed to attend this lab. You only need a little Revit experience.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn the answer to the question: What is the Dynamo extension?
    • Learn how to program using visual programming
    • Learn practical uses of dynamo
    • Learn how to use the Dynamo extension in your everyday Revit software workflows