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Dynamo for Design Robotics: An Introduction to Automated Workflows

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    Industrial robots, when compared to computer numerical control (CNC) machines, are among the most universal devices, suitable for an extremely wide range of fabrication and construction processes. Commonly used in automotive production and other high-volume production settings, robots are now increasingly implemented in the production of architectural components, low-volume production environments, and academic settings. As the cost of hardware has dropped, a major obstacle has been the overly complicated programming environment. To overcome this a number of automated design-to-robotic fabrication tools have been developed, including the new integrated Dynamo workflow. This course will begin with a brief introduction to both the industrial robotic manipulator and the Dynamo interface leading to the development and simulation of robotic movements, ultimately linking Dynamo motion control to the physical 6-axis robotic manipulator.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to utilize Dynamo in the programming of 6-axis industrial robotic manipulators (robots)
    • Learn how to utilize Dynamo for the programming of 6-axis industrial robotic manipulators
    • Learn how to develop tool paths and related robotic movement through Dynamo
    • Learn how to link libraries, like the provided RobotControl.dll, to Dynamo for process simulation