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A Dynamic Lab on Dynamic Block Creation in AutoCAD

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    Why should you be using Dynamic Blocks? Quite simply, Dynamic Blocks can greatly reduce the number of blocks in your library, improving your efficiency. While it does take a little more time up front to create a dynamic block, the timesavings on the back end are well worth the effort! Even better news: if you are a proficient user of AutoCAD software, you should have no problem converting those boring, static blocks into shiny, new, Dynamic Blocks.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create Dynamic Blocks with the following abilities: stretch, mirror, array, rotate, and align, as well as having multiple insertion points
    • Learn how to limit block variations through lists, increments, block tables, and lookup actions
    • Learn how to apply constraints and parameters to control block behavior
    • Learn how to extract Dynamic Block properties to AutoCAD tables and Excel spreadsheets