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From Drawings to Data

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    The world is moving from dead to live information. In the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, this means a number of changes. One of the biggest ones is the disappearance of drawings caused by the availability of model data. The main drivers for this change are model-based construction and model-based operations and maintenance. Contractors and building owners are now requiring vast amounts of standardized and consistent data as part of their design team's deliveries. The problem everyone faces in this change is that the tools used for creating this data are file-based systems made for delivering consistent drawing sets. Instead of displaying three parameters in a tag on a drawing accompanied by a schedule in Revit software, design teams’ need to deliver hundreds of consistent properties connected with model elements across contracts. In this talk, we’ll go through how design teams can adjust their processes to adapt to this change, and how contractors and building owners can manage it effectively.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how to effectively create large and consistent model-based data sets.
    • Learn how to efficiently create and manage model-based project data requirements.
    • Learn how to move design and construction data out of file-based drawing production systems and into web-based databases.
    • Learn about automating the validation process of delivered data.