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Distributed Workforce: How to Remotely Support a Revit Team

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    With COVID-19, many project teams and their BIM (Building Information Modeling) managers found themselves working remotely and separated from each other for the first time. Working remotely is one thing—supporting a remote team while managing a BIM project is another challenge. To start, companies need to reopen the debate about moving projects to people rather than moving people to projects. As companies become more agile and upgrade their technology, it is also important to assemble teams that are capable of working in remote environments. When supporting teams remotely, BIM managers need to understand the factors that can make remote work incredibly demanding. Otherwise, their newly remote teams may experience declines in performance and engagement, especially in the absence of training and support. These changes require a change of mindset and operating model. Join this class to find out how you can manage and support a diverse workforce in a more fluid and integrated way.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover rules of engagement for better communication with your project teams
    • Define your style of management to mentor and coach your team more than manage
    • Learn about assessing how accountability affects other team members’ abilities to accomplish their goals
    • Learn how to build trust in the workplace to encourage your team members to take ownership