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Discrete Event Simulation and its role in Integrated Factory Modeling

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    An Integrated Factory Model is a great tool for space planning, in literally any discipline - However success is not measured only by the ability to fit a process into a site, but also understand its capabilities. By employing Discrete Event Simulation, we can make sure that the changes planned or the new process being implemented will be able to handle current throughput needs and develop an ROI. In addition, we can model for the future - and make sure we can meet the peaks and valleys of production as required. We provide the ability to measure and predict throughput and manufacturing efficiency in your layout model - in AutoCAD. See how applying these methodologies and workflows can help your organization make better decisions faster in regards to literally any process. See how your process will perform based on your criteria - and get solid, actionable data to reduce risk and maximize profits.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the benefits of discrete event simulation for manufacturing and AEC customers.
    • See how an ROI can be developed from data gathered
    • Be able to provide strong metrics to support a business case
    • Provide both 2D and 3D animated process models utilizing AutoCAD, Inventor and Forge - with one button click.