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Process Modeling Essentials for Industry 4

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    This new era of technology is driving a lot of innovation in all aspects of design. All product manufacturers are embracing innovation and new technology in order to maintain or advance their current production cycles. But, incorporating new technology and innovative manufacturing practices requires a solid plan, not a wild guess. The path to innovation must start with a thorough analysis of your current process. It is not enough to say, ‘the process is inefficient,” or “new tech will solve our problems.” It is critical to properly outline and identify bottlenecks or over- and under-utilized equipment and practices. Once the process is properly defined, organizations can move beyond reaction-based decision making to predictive-based planning. In this class, we’ll demonstrate how the current Factory Design Utilities may be enhanced with ProModel Process Simulator.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to compile existing process information through empirical evidence and existing sensor data
    • Learn how to develop simulations of a process utilizing ProModel Process Simulator integrated with the Factory Utilities
    • Learn about process bottlenecks and deficiencies, and generate “what if” scenarios that offer optimization for the process
    • Learn how to use a process simulation to make predictive plans for process innovation and technology enhancements