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Digital Transformation for Multi-Site Owners

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    Multi-site owners have unique challenges. These companies must view digital transformation and technical value-add opportunities through the lens of scalability, standardization, and repeatability. In this panel, Kyle (VP Ops, VIATechnik) will moderate a conversation between digital leaders from three unique multi-site owners: Xavier Loayza, Design Technology Lead at Chick-fil-A; Sean Christopher, Sr Preconstruction Manager at Amazon; and Joel Shatterly, Head of Design at Compass Coffee. We will dig into what makes the digital building journey so challenging, unique, and impactful for multi-site owners. We'll discuss techniques, lessons learned, and opportunities for multi-site owners to properly leverage VDC solutions, digital twins, and digital project delivery. And we'll hear what makes these three owners unique in their approaches to digital transformation.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify opportunities to scale VDC practices/solutions for multiple sites
    • Critically assess digital transformation problems and opportunities for Owners
    • Understand how the digital twin concept can be extended and manipulated for the unique needs of multi-site Owners
    • See how custom solutions & integrations can help multi-site Owners leverage existing Autodesk platforms like BIM360 & Tandem