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Designing a Power Supply: Iterating Between EAGLE and Fusion 360 Simulation

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    The class will start by demonstrating the use of Spice in EAGLE software to predict the performance of the circuit, and will analyze the results of the Spice simulation and how a component will dissipate its power. We will then show and verify the thermal simulation results and the iteration process via A360 collaboration. In a real-world scenario engineers and designers do not always get it "right" the first time, so it takes multiple backs and forths between the designer and the engineer to determine a design that works and is efficient, yet meets all specifications. We'll demonstrate this process between EAGLE and Fusion 360 software's capabilities, and show the class how a normal workflow in the industry would operate using EAGLE and Fusion 360 smoothly and seamlessly.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand and perform the benefits of simulation in the electronics space
    • Learn about the perv iteration process between EAGLE and Fusion 360 Simulation environment
    • Learn how to make design choices based on the simulation results
    • Understand and learn how to use the collaborative nature of A360