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Design to Team: Integrating FormIt 360 into Team Workflows
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Explore concept generation by using FormIt 360 software in early design stages. Project initiation and early analytics cascading to downstream integration into Revit software and back again to FormIt 360 software. The class will explore using multiple design applications on the iPad and integrated workflows with Mac- and PC-based applications. Learn how to maximize the continuity of creative intention connecting with multiple team members across multiple offices. This session features FormIt 360, Collaboration for Revit, and Revit. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Learn about architectural design workflows on the iPad
  • Learn about "round-tripping" design content from FormIt 360 to Revit back to FormIt 360
  • Learn about optimizing from Revit to useable FormIt 360 content shared across A360 Drive
  • Learn about Apple Pencil, Rhino, and design communication applications



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