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Design Space Exploration with Autodesk Generative Design

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    This industry talk will provide attendees with an inside look at how Innovation Forge is utilizing Generative Design to break barriers in engineering problem solving. Often times, there are additional engineering criteria other than mass and mechanical loading which must be included in the overall development of a design. Aesthetic qualities, surface area, flow characteristics (both internal and external), and manufacturing methods are just some of the additional criteria that will be explored in this course. Attendees will be presented with tips and tricks to achieve the best results for the given design requirements and follow through multiple real-world examples of how Autodesk Generative Design is able to contribute to a much larger design process. To round out the session, attendees will be presented with areas of research to further aid in problem setup and generation.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand where AGD resides in the product development spectrum
    • Understand how to develop complex input geometry and loading to maximize the design potential
    • Learn what happens after the Generate process completes and how to further develop/analyze design candidates
    • Learn how to develop a set of tools for evaluating design based on non-AGD criteria