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Design a Nocturnal Solar Light Bulb in 60 Minutes

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    Solar energy is clean and limitless, and the operational costs are close to nothing once you’ve installed a solar panel as no fuel is needed to create a considerable amount of energy. And a single kerosene wick burns an estimated 80 liters of fuel, producing more than 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. To help people living in remote places with limited access to electricity, we made a low-cost solar light bulb as a replacement to a harmful kerosene lamp. We will share the technical workflow while creating the solar lamp inside the Fusion 360 Electronics and Modeling workspace, demonstrating an effective ECAD—MCAD collaboration.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design enclosures for printed circuit boards inside Fusion 360.
    • Discover the principles of basic electronics, solar panel, and battery calculations.
    • Learn about the operations of the joule thief circuit and boost converters PCB designing.
    • Discover the best practices for ECAD-MCAD integration.