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Design + Collaborate + Build by Technology: As if People Mattered

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    Only a few years ago, we saw the introduction of new technologies such as 3D parametric and intelligent bidirectional design tools. Now we are trying to retrofit them to serve our ability to design and deliver products in ways that are very complex. We've heard a lot about the trends and tools, but we have spent little time addressing the impact on the people in our organizations. We can teach skill sets, but shifting people's approach to design, collaboration, and build among themselves, their consultants, and clients through technology is now an urgent issue that may decide between the success and failure of our financial investments. In this roundtable session, we look at the key variables that keep our staff from embracing this new way of doing business. We provoke the legal, financial, cultural and technological aspects of our transformation, only to realize that we have years of processes to undo to make our new approach worth investing in.

    Key Learnings

    • Focus on investing in people and their culture to help them
    • Restructure business relationships under new technology collaboration and openness
    • Identify how to further the knowledge of critical veteran staff with new technology trends
    • Identify how to re-educate legal, IT, and HR to retool their business approach