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Deriving the Future of Your Connected Designs in Fusion 360
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Fusion 360 software takes many unique and particularly useful approaches to handling and sharing design data. The Derive functionality opens up tremendous opportunities to share model sketches, parameters, or bodies with other files to create more-intelligent interoperability than simply linking design files. If you’re creating multiple machined components made from a single casting, if you’re a machinist who doesn’t want to contend with an entire assembly when creating toolpaths, or if you need to connect features across separate design files, and for many more applications, you must see Derive in action.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to reuse the body of a casting to define the primary geometry of multiple machined components
  • Learn how to simplify the process of creating machining toolpaths for a single component created in a complex design
  • Learn how to connect multiple design files at the parameter level making sure that they remain connected
  • Learn how to use sketches from multiple design files to define a new component



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