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Generative Design Boot Camp for Product Design and Manufacturing

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    Part One is a roundtable discussion about the theories and tactics of Generative Design. Attendees will be presented with a problem to optimize an existing component in a larger system. The problem definition will be examined while also considering how to extrapolate the performance of the existing part without having prior FEA data. Part Two is a hands-on lab where attendees will take their written plan and build the Generative studies to solve the problem. This lab will allow attendees to fully explore the Fusion 360 interface and to develop all needed geometry, boundary conditions, and study parameters. Part Three is also a lab where the generated results will be compared in the “Explore” environment and then successful solution candidates downloaded from the cloud. Results will then be modified using modeling tools and validated with Fusion 360’s FEA solver. Finally, results will be run through the CAM tools inside Fusion 360 to generate valid toolpaths for end-product machining. Part Four is a workshop that will take place in the Factory on the One Autodesk Expo floor and provide boot camp attendees with a first-hand look at the processes that go into manufacturing parts created with generative design. Attendees will get up close to 5-axis CNC machinery and the various workholding, tooling, and operational considerations involved.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate existing designs for performance criteria using traditional FEA tools and develop an algorithm for problem setup
    • Create a basic study for Generative Design with all required information and push studies to the cloud for solving
    • Create a custom material for Generative Design
    • Explore and compare results from Generative studies, modify solutions, validate designs, and post successful design G-code