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Deploy Better Plugins Faster Through CI/CD and Unit Testing in Azure DevOps

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    At Woods Bagot we managed to cut the deployment time of our tools from days to minutes, while increasing quality and reliability, by repurposing common concepts and tools from the Software Development world. By implementing a DevOps philosophy in your workflow, not only do you deliver automation tools quicker, but you also empower your teams from the start, improving communication and collaboration and promoting professional growth. You increase quality and reliability of the software product deployed, thanks to automated testing and a faster feedback cycle. Moreover, with the ability of more frequent faster releases, backed up by live monitoring systems, developers can deploy tools that are tailored to the users and really respond to their needs. The session will showcase how Woods Bagot has developed a full workflow for their Revit toolbar through the use an Azure DevOps pipeline, but the principles can be applied to any platform that benefits from automation tools.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify and evaluate the importance and benefits of a DevOps culture
    • Collaborate in a safer space empowering your teams and giving space for creativity
    • Apply delivery processes during development allowing faster development and release
    • Builder better, more reliable tools and assess quality sooner