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Dang It, Jim! I’m a Modeler, Not a Data Scientist: Dashboarding Model Health

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    This class will introduce and discuss the Autodesk Model Performance Analytics Dashboard, a tool that lets BIM managers, IT managers, project leaders, and firm leadership monitor Revit model health. The class will introduce the tools and the metrics it collects, and then discuss the steps to implement the tool in a 50-office structural engineering firm with 100% Revit adoption. We’ll discuss the key findings and improvements noted as a result of having visibility into the health scores. Finally, we’ll discuss other approaches to creating dashboards for tracking model performance in architecture, engineering, and construction firms.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the value of monitoring model health
    • Discover the process of setting up the Revit Model Analytics Dashboard in an AEC firm
    • Discover alternative dashboards for monitoring model health
    • Learn about the implications to daily modeling practice as a result of monitoring models