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D2C with BIM: Managing Iconic Projects as Lead Design Consultant

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    WME, part of Egis Group, will share the experience of being lead design consultant (LDC) and site supervisor on the UAE Pavilion in Dubai Expo—a building inspired by the country's national bird, the falcon. Learn how the intelligent model was implemented and managed on the project, from concept design to construction. Being LDC starts with the right mindset and the right attitude to drive a project forward during all stages of design, while being fully accountable for the design process. This is a perfect case study of building information modeling (BIM) deployment, from concept design to construction and management of all consultants—including architecture, structure, MEP, interior design, landscape, and so on—for integrated design delivery using cloud collaboration. WME maximized BIM for design innovation on complex structure design with enhanced coordination and key design influences using VR technology. Learn how we achieved a sustainable design and construction savings with a digital engineering approach using Autodesk products.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to deploy BIM framework as LDC from design to construction on complex-shaped buildings.
    • Learn about selecting the right tool and technology at the right time at different stages of the project—don't overdo or underdo BIM.
    • Learn how managing digital data and collaboration is key to success for the project, and learn to manage data between different stakeholders.
    • Learn about managing design coordination and VR for the guest experience to make critical design decisions.