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Cross-Platform Plug-ins For Revit, Dynamo, and Beyond
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It's becoming increasingly common for architectural projects to be developed using more than once piece of software, and plug-in developers are pressured to make sure their tools support these multiple platforms. Whether you're making a plug-in that's implemented in Revit software that you also want to use within Dynamo software, or you want to communicate with any other CAD- or vector-based application, one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome is that different applications—even Revit software and Dynamo software—use different geometry libraries. This class will cover ways we have dealt with porting plug-ins to different formats using a custom geometry library and how that has also lent itself to enabling a more direct communication between applications.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to build a library that can be accessed by multiple applications
  • Learn how to use a geometry library to aid in the communication between applications
  • Determine how different applications define geometry
  • Learn how to set up a file-free communication pipeline between applications



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