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Creating Add-Ins for Inventor

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    While Inventor software’s VBA and iLogic provide a convenient and easy way to add custom functionality to Inventor, there are limitations to what you can do with VBA macros and iLogic rules. This class will introduce you to VB.NET and Inventor add-ins and the pros and cons of add-ins compared to VBA and iLogic. In this class, you'll learn the technical differences between VBA, iLogic, add-ins, and external EXEs, and some of the reasons you would choose one over the other. The class will also cover how to create an add-in using an easier-to-use custom VB.NET template. We'll also look at the differences between VBA code and VB add-in code and how to convert your existing VBA macros and iLogic rules into add-in commands. We'll also cover how to debug your add-in. Finally, we'll look at how to package and distribute your add-in to make it easy for others to use. This is an intermediate level class and you should have a basic understanding of the Inventor API.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover when an add-in is the best option
    • Learn how to convert existing VBA and iLogic code into an add-in command
    • Learn how to debug an add-in
    • Learn how to package and distribute your add-in