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Coster: A Journey to Adopt an Autodesk Platform

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    Coster Group is a multinational provider of spray packaging solutions and aerosol-filling equipment. The company is family owned and was founded in 1963 in Italy, and it currently employs 1,000+ employees. It addresses all segments of the market with a complete range of aerosol valves and actuators, spray pumps, dispensers, and anodizing solutions, and has a global production network spread. The Group decided to invest in Autodesk product lifecycle management (PLM) software in order to optimize its product development processes. The firm adopted a step-by-step development, by transitioning the CAD in the first phase, then the product data management (PDM) system, and then finally implementing Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage. Coster Machines Division managing director will help us understand how to successfully manage such an initiative!

    Key Learnings

    • Better understand the benefits of Autodesk Platform.
    • Listen to customer feedback regarding the transition from a competitive CAD to Inventor PRO.
    • Learn directly from our customer how they implemented specific workflows from customer service back to the technical department.
    • Learn feedback and lesson learned directly from Autodesk team.