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Control Dynamo from the Web

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    Join this breakout session to learn how to build Dynamo extensions from scratch and why they're so powerful. We'll showcase this by building an extension that embeds a web server & REST API inside Dynamo, allowing users to remotely open & run graphs, extract results, add/remove nodes, & more, all from a web browser. We’ll start by exploring the structure & concepts of a Dynamo extension through annotated code samples. Using the Dynamo API, we’ll then learn how to build up our extension in a modular way, so that we can collaboratively add new features to our extension. By the end, we’ll have turned Dynamo into a service that everyone at your practice can use by simply visiting a web page.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to build an extension from scratch
    • Work with other Dynamo developers
    • Learn how to build Dynamo from source
    • Build community