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Compositing: What Is It Good For? An Introduction to Compositing

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    In today's design industry, 3D visualization has become an important part of the practice. Media and entertainment studios have long developed compositing techniques for their renderings, a method in which visual elements from a 3D scene are sent out as separate elements and stylistically reassembled through a compositing program into a single image. However, in the architecture design industry, these techniques are little known or typically practiced to a very limited degree using available software such as Adobe® Photoshop®. There exists a common misconception that a Hollywood-like compositing workflow is too expensive or beyond their reach. For architectural companies that have 3ds Max® software, a powerful compositing program called Autodesk® Composite is already inherently available. From Autodesk Composite software, learn how to assemble your rendered layers and make post-production changes that impact the look and feel of your final rendered image.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the principles of compositing
    • Render to individual layers from 3ds Max and 3ds Max® Design software
    • Define critical layer types that are crucial for maximum compositing flexibility
    • Begin using the high dynamic range OpenEXR image format instead of the traditional JPEG or TIF format