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Complex Spatial Data Visualization in AIMS: An Implementation for a Telco Giant

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    Australia's biggest Telco has implemented a huge Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server solution. It is huge not so much in the number of users, but around the quantities and complexities of their data. Join me for a walkthrough of this journey from design to implementation as we discuss many of the issues that we faced and explain how we resolved them. We cover some key decisions about architecture, data, user interface, customizations, and much more. Finally, we look at how some cool features offered by Google® have been integrated into the AIMS solution. This high-level presentation is appropriate for anyone who is interested.

    Key Learnings

    • Bring various spatial data into AIMS
    • Configure the display of data in AIMS
    • Bring externally supplied data, such as like Google and Bing® maps, into AIMS
    • Apply some AIMS tuning techniques for better performance