Lecture    DV3016
Collect Data with Phone Sensors and Bring It Inside AutoCAD Civil 3D with API
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This class is a continuation of the AU 2012 class CP3325: From Mobile and Through the Cloud to AutoCAD® Civil 3D® that showed how to collect coordinate points using mobile with GPS-enabled devices running Android™ or Apple® iOS, and then how to store and merge those in the cloud to generate AutoCAD Civil 3D objects. This year's class shows you how to collect more data with mobile device sensors running Android™, such as GPS, compass and camera, and then how to store and merge this data in the cloud to finally use inside Civil 3D software to create TinSurface, Parcel, and other site features. Prior knowledge of .NET programming and the Civil 3D API are required. Note that the 2012 class is available online at http://au.autodesk.com/au-online/classes-on-demand/class-catalog/2012/autocad-civil-3d/from-mobile-and-through-the-cloud-to-autocad-civil-3d.

Key Learnings

  • Connect mobile and web-based applications with the Civil 3D API
  • Consume data with the Civil 3D API
  • Create a mobile application
  • Create a web-based application



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