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Collaborative Multidisciplinary Workflows Between AutoCAD Plant 3D, Revit, and AVEVA PDMS

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    Many owners/operators of process plants are required to use or implement specific design and engineering applications like AVEVA PDMS. Learn how workflows and third-party tools can help to overcome the challenges of data exchange between Autodesk, Inc., and non-Autodesk Plant Solutions in a multidisciplinary design environment. Learn how we can use AutoCAD Plant 3D software and Revit software to modify and enrich an existing plant design management system (PDMS) project, and how to hand over AutoCAD Plant 3D and Revit models in PDMS format, eliminating the need for remodeling. See how existing PDMS models may be brought into AutoCAD Plant 3D and Revit for work sharing. Also, see how we can convert PDMS catalogue/spec databases into AutoCAD Plant 3D to be used in projects, and how AutoCAD Plant 3D models are converted into intelligent PDMS models using the XMpLant format. Revit is often a preferred tool for architectural and structural design, and Revit models may also be converted into intelligent PDMS models. We will share sample projects and customer stories.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to share multidisciplinary data between Autodesk’s Plant software products and AVEVA PDMS
    • Learn how to import existing AVEVA PDMS models in AutoCAD Plant 3D and Revit
    • Learn how to convert PDMS specification database into AutoCAD Plant 3D and use in design
    • Learn how to convert AutoCAD Plant 3D and Revit models into intelligent PDMS models