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Climate-Efficient Design in Revit with the Free TallyCAT Carbon Action Tool

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    tallyCAT is a new, free, Revit sustainability plug-in from Building Transparency that helps you analyze and reduce the climate impact of Revit designs in real time, generate LEED and ICMS reports, and make scale sustainable design across an office or practice. First shown at Autodesk University 2022, tallyCAT is now field-tested. It has robust reuse and library features to save labor, 3D visualization of the component you're working on, and industry-reviewed calculators that help detail complex assemblies like composite floors, stud walls, and curtain walls. A custom library system lets you share and reuse assemblies without having to redo work. Watch a live demo with the tool developers and pilot users explaining what tallyCAT does and how to get the most from it. This panel will include C-Change Labs, Autodesk Sustainability, and Woolpert.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to analyze and reduce the embodied carbon of a Revit design.
    • Learn how to share and reuse sustainably designed building components.
    • Compare the climate impact of assembly options.
    • Learn how to generate reports for corporate, LEED, ICMS, and similar use.