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Clean Code: Tips for Writing Clear and Concise Code
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Have you ever been frustrated by code that is difficult to read or understand (including your own!)? Have you spent hours wading through hundreds of lines of code to fix a bug? Or have you had a hard time changing your code because you're afraid you'll introduce some new bug? If you write code, you've probably written your share of bad code—we know we have! In this class, you'll learn important tips on how to elevate your coding skills to the next level. We'll explore things like the importance of naming, what functions and classes should do, why comments are (mostly) evil, and how proper formatting is a critical part of writing clean code. You'll learn about the important skill of refactoring your code, and how unit tests can help you safely refactor. Whatever language you're programming in, and whatever Autodesk product you focus on, you will learn something valuable in this class.

Key Learnings

  • Learn meaningfully about classes, methods, and variables
  • Learn how to write more-cohesive, focused classes and methods
  • Learn how to use unit tests to support refactoring toward clean code
  • Learn how to write cleaner code



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