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Capitalizing on Advanced Technology in Your Company Using the Right Personnel
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Have you ever wanted to explore using more-advanced technology in your firm? This class will show how you can rise above all the day-to-day technology that’s used within your firm and focus and use advanced technology in the industry. Advanced technology is anything that is not used in your firm's office on a daily basis, but that could be hugely beneficial to your firm for specific tasks such as job proposals, design competitions, or even small-production support. This is only possible by getting the right teams at your office and the partners involved early. This requires you to rethink how your office is structured and how your firm will need to redefine another level of management at the advanced technology level. So, what are you waiting for? If you ever wanted to take advantage of all the exciting advanced technology out there but didn't know where to start, then keep an open mind and attend this class. This class will focus on advanced tech used in and around 3D in architecture, engineering, and construction.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to capitalize on advanced tech in your AEC firm
  • Learn how to structure your firm’s personnel and teams to use advanced tech
  • Learn how much time and effort it takes to use advanced tech
  • Learn if using advanced tech is right for your firm



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