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CFD Masterclass—from Zero to Hero

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    Join us for a riveting introduction into computational fluid dynamics. Using the Fusion 360 platform as a launch pad into Autodesk CFD software, we’ll start at the beginning and discuss tips and tricks you may not find in a users’ guide or help system. This class will be both hands on and competitive as we focus on simulation optimization. Designed for users with existing basic Autodesk CFD skills, this 90-minute crash course in Autodesk CFD will leave you with renewed confidence. You’ll also have a shot at a prize or two, so bring your A game.

    Key Learnings

    • Get the most out of Fusion 360 for simulation model preparation
    • Learn the importance of appropriate meshing and how to recognize a decent mesh
    • Learn how to use the decision center to get the most out of simulation
    • Learn how to use simulation tools early and often in product development