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CAM Certificate 3 of 5: 3D

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    This class will cover the core concepts of 3D programming in Fusion 360 software, including valuable tips, tricks, and best practices from product experts. Attendees should expect to learn full 3D workflows, including generating, containing, and manipulating a variety of 3D roughing and finishing toolpaths. Users will leave with an understanding of what it takes to utilize Fusion 360 to quickly and effectively program parts. We'll highlight the power and flexibility of integrated CAM using Fusion 360, providing real-world scenarios in the manufacturing industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify the difference between milling or turning toolpaths
    • Learn how to design CAD geometry for combined milling and turning
    • Explore different scenarios to determine the best workflow and strategy required to create a proper toolpath
    • Gain a complete understanding of machining for mill turn CNC operations