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Fusion Manufacture: From Generative Design to Additive/Subtractive Manufacturing

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    Generative Design opens up new solution spaces because there is more than one way to solve problems. Fusion software’s powerful CAM tools have been extended by additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities to enable workflows directly from design to additive, subtractive, or hybrid production of parts. This class will show an example workflow to apply subtractive preparations, add support structures, and calculate the toolpath for an Aconity Metal AM machine with a generatively designed model—all inside Fusion software. Metal AM processes produce parts of limited surface quality that need subtractive postprocessing. Putting data in the center allows for exploring design options, adding offsets/stock for milling, and calculating laser paths in the same software.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand additive manufacturing features in Fusion
    • Learn how to apply laser strategies for models in Fusion Manufacture
    • Understand additive and subtractive workflows
    • Learn how to apply stock for subtractive postprocessing