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AnyCAD for CAM: How Associative Collaboration Can Increase Manufacturing Productivity
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AnyCAD lets you associatively update designs from any CAD tool, letting you connect design across disciplines and teams. This class will cover how AnyCAD can automatically update toolpaths, increasing the productivity in your company or shop. Even in-house design teams can often span multiple products and use many design formats. Instead of creating 2D drawings and putting your CAM programmers back at square one, or forcing them to use a CAD-specific CAM product, use AnyCAD to connect your CAD—including SOLIDWORKS, Siemens NX, PTC Creo, IGES, and STEP—to your favorite CAM tool. If you get various parts from contractors or customers, and you don’t want to purchase a costly license of their design software when small changes are needed during the manufacturing process, AnyCAD can bring the designs into Inventor software or Fusion 360 software, while maintaining associativity to the original design. This class will show you how to unlock the connectivity and flexibility of AnyCAD and apply it to your manufacturing process.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to use AnyCAD to seamlessly navigate CAD data
  • Learn how to bring CAD data into your preferred CAM tool while maintaining associativity using AnyCAD
  • Learn how to update toolpaths when the original design file changes
  • Discover the best process for applying AnyCAD to a CAM environment


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