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Building Rich GIS Solutions to Automate Network Statement Processes for Utilities

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    In this class, we will focus on geospatial solutions for utilities based on enterprise industry models in Autodesk® Infrastructure Map Server and Autodesk AutoCAD® Map 3D software. In several steps, we will demonstrate all important aspects of building a rich GIS solution using as an example a project for a large water and wastewater group in the Czech Republic. We will cover the project from the migration of five different geospatial solutions into one Autodesk platform to actual activities in integration with external customer relations management (CRM) and maintenance systems. One of the top benefits of this solution is full or partial automation of network statement processes, starting with collecting electronic statement requests from a public site, automatically evaluating them in GIS, and responding in cooperation with CRM and internal processes. This process, as well as additional automation possibilities, will be described and demonstrated on a real example.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe important requirements and steps to automate the network statement process
    • List the benefits of network statement automation
    • List and evaluate the general benefits of enterprise industry models for GIS systems for utilities
    • Identify key aspects of implementation of a GIS system for a large utility